Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

2 January 2020
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Cosmetic dentistry is a growing branch of dentistry that includes all those treatments undertaken to improve the appearance of a person's teeth or improve their bite. 

These services include:

Teeth Whitening: One of the easiest ways of improving one's smile is to go through a teeth whitening procedure. Many people opt to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter whitening treatments; however, they are unaware of the adverse effects of these over-the-counter treatments on their teeth, including damage to teeth enamel. In comparison, whitening treatments taken in the dentist's office are much more effective and long-lasting, and protect the teeth against damage. These can cost as little as $200 or upwards of $500, depending upon the the type of whitening treatment.

Dental Implants: These are used to replace missing teeth. People can lose their teeth due to injury and disease, and implants offer a convenient solution. A titanium root is inserted into the socket of the missing tooth. This is then left to heal so that bone can grow around the implant. Once this process is complete, a replacement tooth is placed on top of the implant. This functions just as a normal tooth, and the person can eat and chew normally.

Dental Bonding: In this procedure a resin moldable material is applied to the damaged or chipped tooth. This is made to be the same colour as the patient's other teeth and is molded and shaped according to the patient's teeth structure. This is an affordable alternative to dental implants used to repair chipped, misshapen or decayed teeth. Additionally, this procedure only takes about an hour to complete, so the patient can be in an out of the dental clinic in a short period of time. 

Bridges: These are also known as partials and are used to fill in gaps between missing teeth. These can be made of variety of materials, including gold and alloy. Dental bridges only function optimally if the patient's other teeth are in optimum condition; if there is tooth decay, then the bridge can fail to work. 

Thousands of people have their confidence restored through cosmetic dentistry procedures. With the help of latest technology, the recovery times for these dental procedures are quite short as well, making them a convenient and safe option. Before selecting a particular dentist, it is important to carry out appropriate research into the cost of the treatment as well of the experience of the dentist. Contact a clinic like Everyday Dental Care to learn more.