Three Reasons Why Bleeding Gums In Children Are Concerning

9 January 2019
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When it comes to a child's teeth, there are a lot of changes which happen in the first decade of their life. Baby teeth grow in, baby teeth fall out and then the adult teeth appear. When a child's dental progress presents something unusual, though, then a parent's concern level tends to rise. As a parent who has noticed their child's gums are bleeding on a weekly basis, you might be uncertain whether to visit the family dentist or to just wait and see what develops. Read More 

Not Berry Good for Your Teeth: Why Berries Cause Tooth Staining

19 December 2018
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Are you a regular eater of berries? If so, you are probably aware of their many health benefits. For instance, according to research, berries help to lower blood pressure. However, as healthy as berries are, they do have a downside—they stain your teeth. If you enjoy berries on a regular basis, you may have noticed their effects on your teeth. Berries, especially the darker kinds such as blackberries and blueberries, can leave your teeth looking less-than-white. Read More 

4 Dental Hygiene Services That Improve Your Overall Smile

11 November 2018
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When seeking orthodontic treatment, most people are concerned about achieving an improved smile. The structure of your teeth and gums are the main determinants that will affect how your smile looks to you and others. That is why most orthodontic treatment involves tooth realignment via braces, clear aligners, corrective jaw surgery and many other techniques. However, there are other hygiene-related procedures that can also improve your overall smile. While these procedures are simpler and quicker to carry out, they provide surprisingly effective results to your teeth and gums. Read More 

Why You Should Make an Appointment with a Female Dentist for Your Overdue Work

12 September 2018
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At one time, the dental industry appeared to be predominantly a male domain. Perhaps this was due to career opportunities in previous generations or simply popular perception, but either way that has changed considerably in recent years. This may be a particularly good thing, especially for people like you, who seem to have an irrational fear associated with this area. If you know that you need to visit for some overdue dental work, maybe you should seek out a female dentist instead, as this may be able to get you across the threshold. Read More 

Why You Need to Continue Treatment Even after Your Braces Are Removed

6 August 2018
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Are you fed up of being self-conscious when you smile? Do you find that you move your hand up in front of your mouth when you're talking because you don't want people to see your teeth? Of course, this is no way to go through life, and sooner or later, you're going to come to that conclusion yourself. When that happens, you will be straight on the phone to your orthodontist to talk with them about straightening your teeth using braces. Read More