Vital Denture Care Tips to Prevent Needless Oral Issues and Repairs

15 February 2018
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If affordability without sacrificing efficiency is your principal consideration when looking for a solution for missing teeth, dentures will be right up your alley. Although this form of treatment has been around for decades, it remains relevant, as it provides a natural-looking way to remedy tooth loss. However, since dentures are artificial, some individuals do not pay much consideration to their care and maintenance under the assumption that they do not need as meticulous attention as their natural teeth. Read More 

Teeth Whitening When Your Teeth Aren’t in the Best Shape: Is It Possible?

15 January 2018
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With an abundance of available teeth whitening products and services available, it's not a stretch to suggest that a gleaming white movie star smile is something that a lot of people are after. But what about you? You might have dabbled in some form of teeth whitening with mixed results, but if your teeth are at all damaged then you might be hesitant to try making them whiter. You might have some mild form of periodontal disease, or perhaps even untreated cavities. Read More