Three Simple Tips to Prepare Your Child for Their First Orthodontic Assessment

5 June 2018
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Children should undergo an orthodontic assessment before the full eruption of their adult teeth, usually between the ages of7 and 10. Whilst your child might already be accustomed to their check-ups at the dentist, orthodontic treatment is something entirely new to them. Your child might feel worried or scared about visiting the orthodontist for the first time simply because it's something brand new -- but fortunately, you can make this visit (and future visits) much smoother and easier by doing the following things. Read More 

A Guide To Dental Veneers

24 April 2018
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Dental veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or composite materials which are applied to the teeth in order to fix cosmetic problems such as crooked or discoloured teeth. They are a popular form of cosmetic dentistry and are often considered to be a quick, easy way to acquire a more attractive smile. However, like all dental procedures, veneers are not for everyone. This short guide aims to give an insight into veneers, explaining how to choose veneers, how they are applied and how to care for them. Read More 

Give Notice to Gingivitis! Warning Signs You Need to Know

26 March 2018
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While gingivitis might be a fairly common form of gum disease, it's important to be aware that if left untreated, it's only the beginning of the story. Gingivitis can develop into serious periodontal disease which can result in tooth loss, generally through a combination of decay in the teeth and destabilization of the gums (wherein the gums are no longer capable of supporting your teeth). Gingivitis is often the first sign that something is wrong, and quick action is needed to reverse its effects. Read More 

The 4 C’s of Keeping Your Child Calm During Dental Emergencies

5 March 2018
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There's no doubt that a dental emergency with your child can be positively panic inducing -- for the both of you! While it's completely understandable that you'll feel stressed and even overwhelmed during this time, it's likely even worse for your child. Fortunately, you can both keep your cool if you follow the 4 C's below. 1. Calm Yourself First Because you're the adult (although you might wish someone else was in charge right about now! Read More 

Vital Denture Care Tips to Prevent Needless Oral Issues and Repairs

15 February 2018
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If affordability without sacrificing efficiency is your principal consideration when looking for a solution for missing teeth, dentures will be right up your alley. Although this form of treatment has been around for decades, it remains relevant, as it provides a natural-looking way to remedy tooth loss. However, since dentures are artificial, some individuals do not pay much consideration to their care and maintenance under the assumption that they do not need as meticulous attention as their natural teeth. Read More