Vital Denture Care Tips to Prevent Needless Oral Issues and Repairs

15 February 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If affordability without sacrificing efficiency is your principal consideration when looking for a solution for missing teeth, dentures will be right up your alley. Although this form of treatment has been around for decades, it remains relevant, as it provides a natural-looking way to remedy tooth loss. However, since dentures are artificial, some individuals do not pay much consideration to their care and maintenance under the assumption that they do not need as meticulous attention as their natural teeth. As a result, your dentures can acquire excessive damage and become significantly inconvenient. Here is a list of vital denture care tips that would help prevent needless oral problems and the need for denture repair.

Take a break from wearing your dentures

Although it is paramount to acclimatise your gums to wearing your new dentures, it is not advisable to have them on for hours on end. When you do not take a break from your dentures, you become vulnerable to swelling, inflammation and gum irritation. If this discomfort persists, you may assume that you need your dentures altered to ease the pain, which would mean going back to the dentist to have them adjusted. However, these adjustments could be unnecessary if you just gave your mouth sufficient time to rest.

Thoroughly clean your dentures

Another crucial maintenance measure for your dentures is upholding the highest standards of hygiene. People often don't consider the amount of plaque, tartar and bacteria that the dentures can accumulate in a single day. If you do not sterilise your dentures on a daily basis, they will quickly pose the risk of gum disease, as they harbour an assortment of phages.

In addition to sticking to a strict cleaning regimen, make sure that you exclusively utilise the right tools and products. For instance, never use a hard-bristled toothbrush, as this can cause cosmetic damage on the surface of the dentures. Secondly, steer clear of strong kinds of toothpaste, as these could prove abrasive to the dentures. Instead, have a soft-bristled brush that you can use with mild denture-cleaning fluid to keep your oral devices sanitary.

Soak your dentures daily

One aspect of denture care that should never be taken for granted is the need for these oral devices to remain soft. A misconception some individuals may have about soaking their dentures is that it is to keep them sanitary. The reality is that soaking the dentures is critical in maintaining their pliability. When you do not soak dentures, they gradually harden and become vulnerable to cracks and breaks, they will also become difficult to wear, too.