Steps to Finding the Right Dentist

21 August 2017
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Finding the right dentist that will better suit your dental requirements involves stepping into the numerous fields of dentistry that exist today. The more you understand the various fields, the more successful you will be in your search for the correct dentist.

The best place to begin is with a general dentist. They are licensed to diagnose dental issues along with oral conditions, and create treatment plans and provide certain treatments. General dentists are in a position to refer you to specialised practitioners, such as an orthodontist.

Dentists will provide relevant treatment with the help of dental assistants and dental hygienists. Hygienists perform general dental cleaning, whereas a dental assistant will aid during a dental procedure, such as setting up equipment, anethesia, developing radiographs, and other general duties under the supervision of the dentist.

Factors to Consider

  • Discover the length of time the practice has been operating.

  • Find out the level of the dentist's training and experience in the specific procedure you require.

  • If the dentist does not perform the procedure that you require, how does there referral procedure work.

  • Check all procedure options, along with the pros and cons, that would solve your problem before committing yourself.

  • Enquire about the different professional dental societies that the dentist takes part in. Certain societies request that dentists undertake continuous education classes to ensure that they are kept up to date with technical advances and procedures.

  • Enquire as to what level of emergency care is provided. For instance, is the dentist available after surgery hours, or on the weekends.

  • Ask whether the dentist uses dental lasers as an alternative to the traditional scalpels and drills etc.

  • If you require cosmetic procedures, ensure that you ask for before and after photos to be provided. Take along a picture of what you personally require and ask the dentist to give you an honest expectation for your outcome.

  • Obtain the cost before you agree to any treatment. The total cost of your procedure should include the facility fees, anesthesia fees and of course the procedure fees. If you have dental insurance, the chances are you will have some coverage for certain dental procedures, but this can be determined during your consultation.

  • If your dental procedures require more than one visit, it may be worth while selecting a dentist that is located nearby.

  • Are the dental team polite and friendly. This is a very important factor, as you do not want to feel uncomfortable and unimportant.