6 Important Tips to Ensure Your Invisalign Braces Work

26 April 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Invisalign is a useful alternative if you want to straighten your teeth without using the conventional wire bracket and metal braces. Invisalign is less painful and more convenient since you can take it out for meals and when brushing. In order to make sure Invisalign braces work properly, it's important to use the following tips so that you have straighter teeth within the shortest time possible.

1. Follow the 48-hour rule

Your dentist has probably told you to wear the aligner trays as long as possible in the first two days. You can expect them to be uncomfortable as you feel them pushing against your teeth. During this time, they should only be removed when brushing. Having on the aligners for as long as possible every day is important, but more so in the first two days.

2. Floss daily

It's important to floss in addition to brushing your teeth before replacing your aligners. The aligner tray holds any leftover food particles right against your teeth, preventing the cleaning action of saliva once the tray is in place. Therefore, it's good to make sure your teeth are as clean as possible before replacing the Invisalign tray.

3. Follow your given schedule

Invisalign trays are changed every so often depending on how well you respond to them. Therefore, if your dentist tells you to change a tray or keep it in for longer, be sure to obey. Your treatment won't progress faster if you change trays of your own accord. You may actually cause more harm than good.

4. Keep them on

Just because you can take your Invisalign trays on and off doesn't mean you should wear them less. In fact, aim to have the braces on for at least 22 hours each day in order to guarantee fast and positive response to the treatment. Even though you'll feel them in the beginning, it will get less uncomfortable as you continue to wear them.

5. Be prepared for the lisp

Be prepared to have a slight lisp the first time you wear an aligner tray because it's a foreign object in your mouth. Start practising to talk with the tray in place and you'll learn how to speak properly with them. 

6. Use attachments to speed up treatment

Sometimes your dentist may recommend Invisalign attachments like 'buttons', which are used to hold the tray in place or move a stubborn tooth. Such accessories can actually speed up the straightening time, so don't shy away from using them.