When is it time to see a dentist?

18 April 2017
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For organs made of hard stuff, teeth are amazingly delicate. They require a lot of tender care despite their outward toughness. Regular visits to a dentist are recommended but there are some warning signs that should prompt you to visit your dentist immediately:

  • Sensitive teeth- This can be signified by pain while chewing or drinking hot or cold food.
  • Injuries in the mouth- This can be on the gums, cheeks, tongue, the roof of the mouth or beneath the tongue. They are normally caused by unusual contact of these surfaces with hard food substances and objects. Falling or an accident can also cause these injuries. Some injuries result in cracked or broken teeth.
  • Broken braces can injure your gums and cheeks- See a dentist when you notice any discomfort or pain to avoid long-term risks.
  • Toothaches- Pain around your teeth or a tooth is a surefire sign that you need to see your dentist. It can signify any ailment. If not attended to you could suffer from prolonged pain and other symptoms like headaches.
  • Cavities- Cavities are a result of damage or erosion of the tooth surface. You will notice them as small indentations or holes. As soon as you see one visit a dentist as they are easier to manage during their initial stages.
  • Abscesses- These are infections that are characterized by a collection of pus and occur in the mouth. They can be in the gums or within your teeth. They can be accompanied by puffiness, pain and a foul odor from the affected area.

Other reasons to see your dentist

  • Cosmetic reasons- Your teeth could be fine but look a little odd to you. Dentists can help you achieve the     desired arrangement and decoration of your teeth.
  • Prevention- If you smoke or drink a visit to your dentist periodically is helpful because of the increased risk tooth decay, oral cancer and gum disease that are associated with these habits.
  • Per your doctor's advice- It is also advisable to visit a dentist if you are suffering from other conditions like diabetes or HIV according to your doctor's instructions.

When you have determined that you need to see a dentist confirm whether the dentist is qualified and licensed to have a practice before making your visit. You can always check with the Dentist Board; they publish names of practicing dentists. It's important to keep up on dental checkups because, if your teeth are treated early, you can prevent further pain and complications.