Life After Dentures: 4 Ways Dentures Improve the Quality of Your Life

13 April 2017
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At first, life with dentures can seem like an uphill struggle, one that is riddled with pain and embarrassment. Your gums hurt and your dentures don't fit the way they should. However, despite your current bleak outlook, the future holds more promise than you think. Once your gums have healed, following the extractions, and you have worked with your dentist to tweak your dentures so that they fit comfortably, you will begin to notice a number of benefits.

There will be no more Headaches or Toothaches

If you have had multiple teeth removed, it is likely that they were badly decayed and beyond repair. Once bacteria gain access to a tooth, unless that tooth is repaired or removed, each day brings nothing but pain as the nerve within the tooth dies and becomes infected.

Once you get used to your dentures, whether they are partial or full, you will realize that you no longer need to live on ibuprofen. A study by Northwestern University found that people who suffer from chronic pain find it harder to remember things and are more emotionally unstable.

No pain from toothache or headaches then will see an improvement in your memory and your ability to process emotions.

Kissing will be better, Not Worse

When teeth decay, especially in numbers, abscesses form on the gums next to them. These abscesses aren't just painful. They also cause bad breath due to the buildup of pus, which is essentially decaying organic material.

When those teeth are removed, the source of the infection is also removed, meaning your breath will smell better. There will be a period of a few weeks or even a month or two where your dentures feel like they might fall out, especially when kissing someone; however, that time will pass as you learn to adjust.

You will be able to Smile with Confidence

Do you remember when you felt uncomfortable smiling because you didn't want people to see your teeth? Again, once you get used to your dentures, and practice smiling in the mirror, you'll find yourself smiling freely and confidently during social gatherings, interviews and yes, even dates.

Your Favourite Foods will be back on the Menu

As you probably know, eating when you have several decaying teeth can be a struggle. You can't chew food comfortably, food gets caught inside cavities, and you are beset by constant pain and sensitivity. Although dentures don't give you the same chewing power that your natural teeth did, it is still possible to eat things like steak, French fries and nuts. That means no more feelings of regret when looking at the menu in your favourite restaurant.

Dentures are definitely an improvement on decaying or missing teeth. Just remember that you will need to be patient for a few weeks. Once your gums heal, and the swelling has gone down, your tongue and facial muscles will then need some time to adjust too, in order to comfortably hold the dentures in place. In the end, after this period of adjustment, you might even find yourself forgetting that you have dentures; that's how beneficial they can be. 

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